Squash Bugs, Earn Money.

Participate in Our Bug Bounty Program and be Benefited.

Our vision is to help developer to deploy their apps on the cloud without any downtime and without writing one single line of scripting.

Easy Steps


Register yourself for the bug bounty programme by sending an email to infosec@rolloutcd.com

Submit Bugs

Send your findings to infosec@rolloutcd.com.

Be Rewarded

Once your vulnerabilities are approved by our team, You would be rewarded according to the criticality and severity of the bug reported.

Target / Scope



  • You can submit any kind of bugs, vulnerabilities. It could be anything under the given target mentioned here.
  • You are not supposed to disclose the bug in the public domain before submitting it us. If that happens just in case, your submission will not be considered.
  • In case of sharing very critical information, We request you to use our public key and encrypt it and send it over email.


  • Rewards starts from 100$ and above depending on the severity and criticality of the bug you report.

Hall of Fame

Shashank Chaurasia

Infosec Pentester

#hacker #infosec #pentester

Sounds Interesting ?

If you are interested to participate, Please drop us a line at infosec@rolloutcd.com