Jenkins is feature-rich but it gives you only just the framework but you have to do all the heavy lifting yourselves. Moreover, Jenkins is for only large projects and where you need to compile and build binaries

On the other hand, Deploy your webapps with No Downtime. is very simple to use, with prebuilt recipes that can be used for Any PHP applications,

Be it an Open Source application or an application written using the frameworks, Rollout can be used for its deployment. Following are some of the applications, framework to mention.

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla
  4. Magento
  5. Codeigniter
  6. Laravel
  7. Yii 1.1 and Yii 2

Why RolloutCD is the best Deployment tool and easiest to use for PHP

  1. You don’t need to write long / boring YAML configs.
  2. You don’t need to write one single line of script.
  3. You can seamlessly connect Bitbucket / github repos and deploy to any machines on the internet.
  4. It does Version checking of PHP on your deploying server to the version of your php that your application is using. This is for the following reason

Many times, lots of functions get depreciated in newer versions, your Hosting servers might have upgraded your PHP Runtime to a newer versions, what if you have no idea about these updates. Your old code breaks in many places because of depreciated functions. Every time Roll-out deploys the code it checks the minimum version that your application Requires. Just give the version alone. Roll-out takes care of the rest.

For more info about depreciated features / functions

Features and Functions deprecated in PHP 5.6

Features and functions deprecated in PHP 5.5

Features and functions deprecated in PHP 7.0

So your php webapps, websites can break if you don’t check these docs carefully. But however, rollout automatically checks these by checking the version of your development code base and the php version present in the server and makes your rollout a smooth and swift.

5. Checks for required extension is present on the server.

For example, In your new feature, you might have used an API Service with a curl extension. But you never checked if that was installed on the live / production server. A lot of times these extensions are not installed. When you deploy the code, the code that uses curl extension will break. To figure out that the right reason that Curl is missing on the server you would have wasted quite a amount of time.

Just imaging this is for just one extension, what if you are using a lot many extensions. Your life becomes very horrible. Roll-out comes in handy for these problems. Just mention the extension that you use. roll-out checks if these extensions are present on the server or not during every deployment. Deployment proceeds only if all the extensions you have mentioned are present. roll-out halts the installation otherwise.

6. It would automatically install dependency installation.

7. Notifies all the project stakeholders like project manager, developer, customer about deployments.

8. Out of the box slack notification

9. You can always roll back with a single click if things go wrong.

10. Before deploying your code, it does static analysis for any errors and would stop the deployment if it finds one.

11. The best part is it displays in front of you as it proceeds through step by step on the browser. Cool is true.

12. I should mention the very very easy to use, intuitive to use, clean UI that makes it much easier to use.

13. All these at a price point of 20$ per project for unlimited deployments.


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