# comment manager is an individual project<br /> ~/projects/comment-manager/
# nextbigthing is the main project comment manager is /var/www/nextbigthing/ 
$ cd ~/Sites/nextbigthing/

# lets create softlink in /var/www/nextbigthing/
$ ln -s ~/projects/comment-manager/ comments
$ ls -ltr 
lrwxr-xr-x 1 napoleon staff 41 Nov 21 03:15 comments@ -> /Users/napoleon/projects/comments-manager

# Now if you try to add the folder comments inside ~/Sites/nextbigthing/ to git using
$ cd ~/Sites/nextbigthing/
$ git add comments
$ git commit -m ‘Adding comments manager thats somewhere out there’
$ # This will add only a file with the path ‘/User/napoleon/projects/comment-manager` and nothing else.