Best Continuous Deployment tool for PHP Websites: RolloutCD

Absolutely No Downtime, No Scripting and No YAML configs too. We Promise.

Benefits Of For Teams

Everything is Prebuilt

Unlike other deployment tools where you script everything rolloutcd comes with prebuilt scripts as recipes. Just use the recipe and get your website deployed to your servers.

Saves Time

Saves lot of time spent in production outages. Here is detailed info how much time is saved when you use

Saves Money

You don't have to write,test deployment scripts. Using RolloutCD will save lots of time and money in creating deployment scripts.

You Setup, push, We Deploy !

No Scripting Required

You don't need to write your deployment scripts as you do in other CI/CD Tools. Everything is prebuilt

Push To Deploy

Just Push your branch to be deployed to your github or bitbucket, RollouCD would automatically trigger the deployment.

Single Click Deployment

Your website would go live just at click of a button.

Single Click Rollback

Your current deployment goes wrong! Oops Moment !!! No worries, Rollback is just a click away.

Email & Slack

Get your teams, customers notified everytime you launch new features.

Deployment logs

Every task that are executed are logged and you can come back anytime and investigate what went wrong.

PHP website deployment with RolloutCD does:

Automate FTP/SCP Upload

RolloutCD is like FTP Automator for your website uploads. With just a click of a button RolloutCD will automatically upload the changes to website live server.

PHP Version Check

RolloutCD automatically checks for the required PHP Version present on the server.

Required extensions are present ?

RolloutCD automatically check if all the required extensions are present on the server.

Automatic Composer install

Just commit composer.json and composer.lock and RolloutCD automatically installs the required dependencies.

Automatic static analysis of new PHP code

RolloutCD does static analysis or code lint for any potential syntax error. So that Your application deployment is 100% smooth and successful.

Supported Cloud Service / Hosting Provider

Supports all Hosting Provider. Few mentioned here.
Amazon Web Service (AWS)
Google Cloud Platform

Extra Power Features

URL Replacements

Tired of changing all your DEV URLS http://localhost/ ->, No worries RolloutCD will automatically change it on the fly. You will not see any downtime.

Asset Uploads

Automatically uploads your assets to S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage.

CDN Invalidation

Does Cache Invalidation automatically. Everytime new changes are released.

Mysql Script Execution

Often you need your mysql scripts to be executed during the deployment. We got you covered. ( Mysql only Supported )

Use RolloutCD to deploy

Yii Framework

Supported Git Services
Self Hosted Git


Most frequent questions and answers

RolloutCD: You can think of rolloutCD as single click FTP upload automation tool, to upload your website / webapp code at one shot just at click of a button.

If things didn’t go well you can quickly rollback to your previous version of website as it was before.

  • Quite a lot of Manhours is saved.
  • Your team’s efficiency, productivity is significantly increased.

Here is the stats

Lets say a developer is paid 50$ / hr.

On an avg. he uploads new code twice in a week. Since its a manual process things can mess up and lets assume he wastes roughly 2 hours in a week minimum, perhaps it can be more.

Total time wasted because of No proper deployment tool or strategy in a month: 8 Hrs.

Total Money spent with deployment issues in a Year : $50 x 8 x 12 = $4800

Revenue wasted in solving deployment issues alone annually = ~ $ 5000

Considering RolloutCD, its just $120 for the entire year.

Your Saving = 5000 – 100 =$ 4900

You can use RolloutCD everytime you launch new releases or new features for your website.

RolloutCD is a single click FTP Upload tool for your website that automates the hard work of manually uploading the correct files to your website hosting server at just click of a button.

  •  Checking the PHP Version of the server.
  • Check if all your required extensions are present.
  • Automatic dependency installation via composer.
  • Check for code quality project.
  • Atomic Deployment / Download your code from your git repository.
  • Creates Shared Folders automatically
  • Individual web developers.
  • Small and medium tech Enterprises who builds website using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript can use RolloutCD.

Currently we are supporting PHP or LAMP Stack only. Very soon we would be supporting other platnforms as well. You can register yourself here [Join the waitlist ](

RolloutCD uses industry standard OpenSSH Protocol for all its remote task execution, Hence its 100% secure. Also, at RolloutCD we treat security as the top priority. If you are a web security expert, hacker you can

Ultimate Guide for your RolloutCD

You are on your way to your website deployment. Follow these steps to get on the right track.

Create your first project

Setting up your first project is easy peasy. Follow this video to learn how to create your first project quickly.

PHP Website deployment using RolloutCD

Deploying your website is click away. Follow this video and get going with your deployment.

Slack integration

Get your teams notified on slack of every deployments.Learn from this video how to setup slack integration.


Get one month FREE, Paid annually. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


$5 / month
  • Upto 10 projects
  • 5 days free trial
  • Unlimited Deployments
  • Limited customization
  • 24/7 support


$25 / month
  • Upto 50 projects
  • 5 days free trial
  • Unlimited Deployments
  • Limited customization
  • 24/7 support


$75 / month
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 5 days free trial
  • Unlimited Deployments
  • Limited customization
  • 24/7 support
On-Premises / Custom Solution

Install RolloutCD on your own infrastructure or require tailor made solution ?

Coming Soon