Zero Downtime Deployment For WebApps Made Easy.

Benefits for Organizations

Ship Faster

Your team focus on building product, not on shipping product. 

All the CI/CD tools provide only textbox to write scripts, RolloutCD provides entire scripting, so developers don’t need to spend time on writing deployment scripts, testing the scripts. Just setup in minutes and start deploying your application in minutes.

Ship More

Ship More Features, instead of worrying and wasting time with running into deployment issues.

Here is detailed research of how much time is wasted in debugging deployment issues.

Cut Cost

You don’t have to write,test deployment scripts. Using RolloutCD will save lots of time and money in creating deployment scripts.

Save Time

Use RolloutCD built-in scripts written with best practices, industry-proven security standards, great techniques. Saves a lot of time spent in production outages.

Here is detailed info on how much time is saved when you use


Push to Deploy

Simply do a Git Push to your Github / BitBucket to main branch. RolloutCD will automatically deploy your changes to your hosting server.

CDN Invalidation

Does Cache Invalidation automatically. Everytime new changes are released.

URL Replacements

Tired of changing all your DEV URLS http://localhost/ ->, No worries RolloutCD will automatically change it on the fly. You will not see any downtime.

Mysql Migration Script Execution

Often you need your mysql scripts to be executed during the deployment. We got you covered. ( Mysql only Supported )

Features Cont'd

Deploy to one or Multiple Server, Choose your strategy

You can deploy to one or multiple servers.

Multiple Strategy

choose your deployment strategy: Canary / Highlander / Rolling Deploy / Blue Green

Single Click Rollback

Your current deployment goes wrong! Oops Moment !!! No worries, Rollback is just a click away.

Single Click Deployment

Your website would go live just at click of a button.

No Scripting Required

You don't need to write your deployment scripts as you do in other CI/CD Tools. Everything is prebuilt

Run Unit Tests

Run unit tests on your application before deploying to servers.

Automatic DB backup

Automatically DB data backup is done either before every release or daily depending on your requirement.

Automatic Website Backup

More than your code, data, assets like images, pdf docs that you share with your customers are more important, RolloutCD performs an automatic backup of the entire website backup happens every day.

Email & Slack Notifications

Get your teams, customers notified everytime you launch new features.

Deployment logs

Every task that are executed are logged and you can come back anytime and investigate what went wrong.

Built for

Deploy Laravel

Deploy Laravel applications on a click


Get 10 days Unlimited deployment FREE, Paid annually.

Pay only after your Free Trial Period. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


Upto 20 Projects.

Provide 10 Free Customization


Upto 40 Projects

Provide 20 Free Customization


Upto 75 Projects

Provide Unlimited Free Customization



Why RolloutCD was built ?

When I was building web applications for clients, during the early years of 2K, I was using  FTP Clients like FileZilla to upload website-developed features.…

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Video Guide

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Step 1: Project Setup

First step in using RolloutCD is to Create your SSH Keys, Setup your project. Watch here on how to use it.

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Step 2: Deploy your project

Lets do a deployment and see how to take your website live.

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Step 3: Setup Slack Notification [Optional]

This step is completely optional, If you need your team to be notified every time a deployment happens, You can follow this video and get your slack notification setup done.

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This is a simple web application deployment tool.

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